Glass Gilding – DeMatteis Gallery

NB: One of our glass gilding project from many years ago! Apologies for the low resolution photo scan.

glass gilding - dematteis gallery annapolis

Classic Glass Gilding!

A hand-made 23 karat gold leaf window logo, installed by Designs & Signs at DeMatteis Gallery in the historic district of Annapolis, Maryland. This gold leaf lettering was applied by hand more than thirty years ago. It was recently removed by a new tenant, but even after thirty years it still looked as good as new. Nothing beats traditional gold leaf custom signage made by hand. If cared for properly it will last a lifetime. Please contact us for a quote if you are interested in gold leaf lettering for your home or business!

Looking for Gold Leaf Transom Numbers?

Take a look at some of our residential glass gilding projects! (links below)

Gold Leaf Numbers Washington – 712 – Gold Leaf Transom Numbers – 1833 Baltimore

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