Tiki Bar Signs for your backyard Beer Garden!

Tiki Bar Beer Signs always look cool.

Unique Tiki Bar Signs will create ambiance in any backyard tiki bar. These signs are unique, warm, and inviting for your guests, and they’ll help you create a new vibe at your next backyard BBQ party. We have made a few signs for various restaurants around town, and of course, we’ve given some away to friends. Some cool ideas for a backyard sign would be a crab sign and a BBQ sign. What is your favorite thing to do in your backyard? Let us know, and we’ll develop an excellent sign that might work well for you. Tike bar signs are fun to make.

Tiki Bar Signs - Beer Garden

Bushel Basket Signs are funny.

It’s a Beer Garden on the bottom of an old bushel basket; so cool! We can make anything to suit your taste! Hand-painted signs are fantastic. You can use them in a casual bar or restaurant setting, or they are perfect for your backyard tiki bar! If you have a fantastic idea, let us know, and we’ll give you a quote for one of these original hand-painted tiki bar signs.

We make Driftwood Signs too.

Driftwood signs are cool. We’ve spent many days cruising the South River and The Chesapeake, from The Bay Bridge all the way down to Smith Island. Along the way we have picked up many pieces of driftwood along beaches. Sometimes these pieces of wood are great for making fun backyard signs. A driftwood sign is sure to spruce up your BBQ pit or tiki bar. You might even want to put one of our driftwood signs in the living room or kitchen at your beach house.


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