Exterior Logo – Anglers Annapolis

Routed rockfish logosDimensional lettering Exterior Logo – A Custom Rockfish

A custom exterior logo designed by hand. The custom rockfish shape is routed from one inch white komacel (pvc). The rockfish is printed on premium vinyl and applied to the komacel. Then a coating of matte clear is applied to the graphic to protect it from ultraviolet light. The rockfish are lagged to the exterior wall with stainless threaded pins and silicone. The rooftop installation was bit precarious but we pulled it off! We used heavy rubber mats on the tin roof to keep our footing. Because the fish are so big we lagged them into the building facade straight through the front of the sign with a washer for extra support. All we had to do was to touch up the tops of the lags with a little dark blue paint to hide them. Anglers is a family owner outdoor sporting goods store in Annapolis. It’s on the south side of route 50 heading east just a couple miles before the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. They carry everything you should ever need for fishing and hunting.

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