Electric Sign Repair – WF Chesley

We offer some electric sign repair services to local property management companies in Anne Arundel County. However, we only do it on occasion. Usually, for signs, we have serviced in the past. We can handle most smaller projects. However, if we cannot help you, we will certainly refer your request to a local vendor who can do that job. Electric sign repair is a necessity for many businesses located in strip malls and outdoor shopping centers. We can often cut new panels to match your box size, and we can apply translucent vinyl logos and lettering to suit your needs.

Electric Sign Repair - WF Chesley

This Electric back-lit sign is located in Crofton, Maryland. Repairs and maintenance for storm damage is something we offer to local businesses and property managers in the area. We replaced broken faces, ballast , and bulbs. In addition, we manufacture new roll stock white Sunlife custom size faces with translucent vinyl. We recommend white letters with a colored vinyl background. This allows your letters to glow at night. If we reverse this you’ll end up with dark letters on a white background at night. That is not a desirable look for illuminated sign panels.

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