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At The Burgee Bar in Key Largo, the “Slobberknockerburgee bar sign immediately catches your eye. Designs & Signs crafts each quarterboard with meticulous care, ensuring every detail stands out. This sign, with its hand-painted sailfish and gleaming palladium letters, tells a tale of seafaring adventures and pride.

As you enter The Burgee Bar, the “Slobberknocker” welcomes you. It’s not just any sign; it’s a signature piece, a staple of the bar’s unique decor. Thissign, with its rich colors and reflective sheen, becomes a conversation starter and a focal point that draws patrons together.

Creating burgee bar signs

especially one as distinctive as the “Slobberknocker,” involves skill and passion. We at Designs & Signs pour our hearts into each piece. The result? A sign that’s more than a name. It’s a beacon of the vessel’s spirit and the stories it carries.

Each burgee bar sign enhances The Burgee Bar’s atmosphere, adding to the nautical charm that defines the place. The “Slobberknocker” does this effortlessly, bridging the gap between land and sea. Patrons feel the call of the waves and the whisper of the ocean breeze with every glance.

The “Slobberknocker” nameboard stands as a testament to craftsmanship and maritime tradition. It transforms The Burgee Bar into a trove of nautical lore, where each sign is not just a marker, but a tribute to the adventures that unfold on the open water.

Decorative quarterboards are our specialty

at Designs & Signs, and the “Slobberknocker” is one of our finest. It’s not merely decoration; it’s an emblem of a seafaring legacy. This sign invites guests of The Burgee Bar to share in the rich stories of the sea, making the bar more than just a stop—it’s an experience.

Choosing a burgee bar sign like “Slobberknocker” for your space means investing in ambiance and heritage. It’s a nod to the timeless allure of the sea, beckoning all who see it to dream of sails against the horizon and the pull of ocean voyages.

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