Awning Graphics – Sunair Awnings

Beautiful custom awning graphics, designed and installed by Designs & Signs.

We letter a lot of awnings for Sunair! Well this time we actually lettered one FOR Sunair Awnings, Inc.  Translucent two color logo. This awning is on display outside the Sunair factory in Jessup, Maryland. This was a very difficult job to get just right, but we took our time and it came out perfect!

About Sunair Awnings & Solar Screens

Initially founded in 1880, the company originated in Sweden and manufactured sun and rain umbrellas. Beginning in the late 1960’s the company was converted into the manufacture of retractable awnings and canopies. In 1978, Sunair was founded in the USA as a subsidiary of its parent company in Sweden. Sunair was among the first modern retractable awning companies to operate in the US. The company in Sweden was subsequently sold, with operations occurring solely in the US.

Source: Sunair awnings & solar screens

Source: YouTube

To learn more about Sunair awnings and solar screens, please visit the links below.

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